One-Piece Bike

The bicycle is the primary mode of transportation for more than half the world’s population. Many people all over the world use a bicycle for their day to day transportation and many more would ride a bicycle if they could afford one. Conventional methods of producing bicycle frames are labour intensive and therefore expensive. When the cost of trained labour rises more, we will need to think of new ways of building cheap bicycles. This is where the one-piece bike comes in.

The One-Piece Bike has an injection moulded frame. All the parts for the steering, the front and the rear suspension are integrated in one injection moulded part. The result is a bicycle with less parts, fewer joints and bearings and a shorter assembly time. This could reduce the cost price considerably.

The frame is made of glass reinforced nylon. This material will create a though frame. It is stiffened at certain places by ribs. At other locations it is kept flexible to cause suspension for a comfortable ride. Steering is done by bending the material between the front fork and the main frame. This won’t be a problem as for normal town and country riding it is not necessary to turn the front wheel more than 20 degrees to the left or to the right.

When produced correctly the one-piece bike will have a lower environmental impact than other bicycles.
Moulded products need less machining than extruded and/or welded products. Machining of plastic uses less energy and shavings can be recycled within the factory. The one-piece bike needs no paint or chrome layer. This means less chance of pollution from solvents and other chemicals. The material does not rust or corrode and after its life cycle the material can be recycled for use in new products.

Goal market
- 3rd world countries where people need cheap but durable bicycles for daily transportation.
- Cities all over the world with “white bicycle” projects
- Anyone who wants an affordable but durable and functional bicycle.