Commuting by bicycle has been gaining popularity, especially for the range of 10-25 km. People who cycle this distance every day are starting to discover the recumbent cycling position as this is generally faster and more comfortable. However, while an increasing environmental awareness under (sub) urban professionals has boosted the popularity of cycle commuting, there are no bicycles on the market that can compete with cars in the areas of comfort and styling. Many people prefer to keep using their car because of the status and image it provides. The Ecommuter is aimed at (sub) urban professionals who commute 10 to 25 km a day.

Design goals:
- Minimal maintenance
- Comfort
- Fast
- Automotive styling characteristics
- Suitable for mass production
- One size fits all

Design characteristics:
- Maintenance free moulded alloy wheels
- Frame integrated lights
- Maintenance free and frame integrated suspension
- Frame integrated hydraulic drive train.
- Ergonomic innovative seat and steering handles
- Standardised parts; swing arm, wheel and mudguard are the same on both front and rear end.
- No closed triangulations in frame to simplify robotic welding.

The gear and brake systems include electronic anti blocking and automatic transmission. All cables are replaced by light electronic wiring.

The seat combines the pro’s of both hard and soft recumbent seats designs. Hard seats provide firm support, but often give a sweaty back. Soft seats are made of thin straps or mesh that enables ventilation, is less supportive. On the Ecommuter only the sides and neck rest are made of dense material. The parts of your back that get hot on a standard recumbent seat are made of thin mesh with a wide weave. This combination gives a cool and sturdy seat.

The luggage compartment can contain neat and dry clothes for at the office besides the batteries for lights and electronics. In between the seat and the frame there is space for one briefcase.

All in all this is a bike on which the average commuter can be seen. Colleagues won't look down on you for cycling to work; they will want an Ecommuter of their own!